May 20, 2022


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00:10 We had three or four cases of stomach problems. In this week I have to be honest we had a couple of cases but we overcame the situation. Also members of the staff, one day they were not feeling so good. I don't know why, the last week but also this week we faced this situation. In this moment though this virus is the last of our problem. We are close to a big achievement and we are totally focused. The situation of the players is the same as the last game

1:30 Harry Kane will be fit for Sunday: "Yeah, for sure. Harry doesn’t want to miss this type of game, it means a lot for the club

2:30 on Lasagnegate in 2006
I don't want to know this story. I'm not interested to go deeper into this story. (Laughs) I think that we are in a good moment of form. We have worked well this week and prepared very well. We have to be concentrated

4:50 Finishing in the top four means a lot for everyone, to have this opportunity is vital, is very important to play in the UCL

6:25 on whether Son will take penalties on Sunday
Before there is the interest of the team and Harry Kane is our penalty taker. If there is a penalty Kane has to kick. After that I'm pleased for Sonny, he deserves to stay in this position, but first the team

8:10 Spurs been Spursi?

10:30 on Norwich, I expect a team trying to play a good game in the PL, they will try to make our life tough

11:50 We improve a lot this season since my day one here

13:50 In my staff only one person had this problem and we kept him at home It's a problem that lasts one or two days and then you are OK. The medical dept try to take care of it, with vitamins. This problem we have to face, but in my mind it is not a problem. We are ready to fight and to try and get a good result on Sunday

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