November 4, 2022

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(Laughs) It's better to start with a smile. We need to face this situation. We need to finish these three games in the best possible. We have these injuries. Richarlison is not available for the game, same for Romero. Bentancur is much better and today was a part of training session. The same for Kulusevski, he had half a training session with us. The problem with Lucas Moura is having different faces for his pain. Today it was really bad and they said he was really worried for this. I asked him to try to be available. Also Sonny now is having surgery.

2:30 About Romero, I can tell you that for him if he has the possibility to play with one leg he will play with the one leg. I would tell the fans that we have players really committed to the club. Maybe Romero he had an injury because we wanted to take a risk and he had this injury, but for sure many teams are having big injuries.

4:30 We are seeing this situation is impossible for the future. I'm hearing about the welfare of the players but it's only a polite way of showing they care but they're not caring if the schedule is this. If the most important thing is the show must go.

4:30 Happy Anniversary? funny
We must be happy with this year, we made a lot of progress, even with the important injuries, sometimes people forget

6:30 on Marseille game,

9:00 on Liverpool, it was an exciting game, Liverpool is one of the best teams in the world, with a bit of difficulties they have this season, it surprised me really, they have one of the best coaches in the world

10:40 on Klopp
I have great respect for Jurgen because his story speaks for him. He has changed the face of Liverpool. I remember very well Liverpool didn't win for a long period. He needed four years to help Liverpool win again and for sure it shows it is important for the coach to have time. Liverpool can be a good example for us.

12:15 on the World Cup, we knew about this situation, we know is crazy to put the World Cup during the PL and UCL, this schedule is really crazy, also crazy to play the PL after just 3 days of the WC final, the show must go on, this is the true

15:20 missing a mayor tournament as a player?

16:40 on being in the stands
It was terrible, it was terrible honestly. Honestly it was really strange also that my place because my place was in the middle of the people, the fans. I think maybe UEFA could find a better situation, also because I repeat but it was really difficult for me. You stay there and you can't help your team with information, especially in the first half because in the first half we were really, really passive.

19:00 on Bentancur
Rodrigo has only one problem in my opinion and he has the real possibility to be really, really top but we know to become a top player, you need to will it and to desire this. In the last period I think Rodrigo is playing in an outstanding way and he is a player who is giving us a lot on the pitch, outside of the pitch a

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