December 2, 2021

0:00 Intro
0:10 Last week in Slovenia it was a really bad defeat for everyone. Today was a good win. We have to continue to work and improve in many aspects.
2:05 Skipp, Skippy, Skipp! He had a really good game, he is very young. He played with great intensity, great passion, great heart, with soul. I can improve him a lot in possession and technically. We’re talking about an important prospect. We’re very happy for him.
3:45 Was Skipp asked to play a more advanced role? Without the ball, he works very very hard. For sure, he has to improve on the ball but in one month I have seen a lot of improvement about Skippy. If he wants to become a top midfielder he could. He has this will and desire to become an important player.
5:30 Benefit of Burnley game being postponed? I think not playing against Burnley, we were disappointed because we wanted to play. But on the other hand, to have the possibility to have a
training session was important. Because we worked together, we worked
on the physical aspect and tactical aspect and it was v v important for us. I have to be honest to tell you we exploited this situation. Every single moment we have we have to exploit and try to bring my philosophy into the mind of my players.
7:05 Did the second goal sum up what you want the team to do? When we have space, in this
case, this team is very good. In front we have players with quality but at the same time, fast players. Very good at exploiting the space. At the other end, we have to try to improve when we don’t find space to move the ball better. To find the right solution. For the 2nd goal our players showed great quality and Harry made a fantastic play and Sergio made a fantastic ball for Son.HaytersTV – Football Up Close. We go behind the scenes with the biggest names in football to bring you interviews, training, news, live coverage, fans’ voices and funniest moments. If you love football, you’ll love Hayters TV. Subscribe now!
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