October 21, 2022


00:00 - Intro.

00:06 - Squad update: No news. Kulusevski is still unavailable. Same with Richarlison but Emerson is back after his ban. We’ll see the players tomorrow.

01:34 - Reaction after Man United defeat: I watched the game, our start wasn’t so bad. But it was around the middle of the first half when I became really tough. The goal in the second half killed us. United deserved to win.

04:03 - Concern how many shots Spurs have faced: Honestly no. We concede many shots but a lot outside the box. We have to do better. In the game we tried to press United high. In these games you need to prepare to suffer.

05:34 - What performance do you want to see on Sunday?: If you speak to me about the commitment, the commitment against United was high, they were just better than us. Teams playing in Europe will start to struggle.

07:24. -Newcastle’s progress: You have to consider Newcastle as a dangerous team for the present and future, to win trophies. Many clubs should pay attention to them.

08:47 - Matt Doherty, will he continue in the team: This is a problem for me and I’m happy to have this. In his role, you lose a lot of energy. To have the possibility of an alternative is important.

10:28 - No replacement for Kulusevski: When you have Kulusevski and Richarlison injured, as well as Lucas, this type of situation is normal. For now we have Harry and Sonny in good health.

13:15 - January signing like Kulusevski?: For now we need to finish this period, and face the situation in the best possible way. After the last game in November, we will speak to the club.

14:24 - Worried he won’t play until after World Cup: His recovery was going well then his situation worsened, and now he has to restart. The medical team will try to resolve it.

15:26 - Wednesday night, players not playing well or formation?: I don’t think the formation was the reason for the defeat. If you want to find an excuse I can find a lot.


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