October 28, 2022

Antonio Conte | Bournemouth vs Tottenham | pre-match press conference

00:00 Intro

00:10 No teamnews, next time I will call the doctor for the updates

00:45 What I thought last Wednesday is the same I haven't change my mind

1:30 I think is clear what I said last Wednesday night, my feeling still the same

2:00 The referee was wrong the did a big damage to us

2:30 I repeat for me is impossible to make mistakes with the VAR, you have time, you check, so for me is impossible to make mistakes

5:00 One year at Spurs? I'm enjoying my team at Tottenham in this year, we have great fans, great club, I enjoyed every single second, I discovered a modern club with an amazing stadium, the demands from the fans are very high, I continue to enjoy my time every day

6:30 on Bournemouth, they have a fantastic path last season, it will be a difficult game tomorrow

7:30 more on VAR, VAR is a great help for the referees to make the right decision, in Italy the people is relax to check and control the situations, but after 6 months the situations changed, they started to give different situations. what happened last game is incredible. this is not football if you cut the emotions

11:05 on recent form? every team playing in Europe is a bit tired, PL and UCL playing both are massive games, you have to put attention to rotate players,

12:50 I was sent off because I went inside the pitch, in this type of situations the referees needs to understand our emotions, but I was very close to the line, they created a double damage

14:50 on Bryan Gil, is a player with a very good prospect, not physically strong enough yet, his substitution was really good the other night, he has a great personality, in this moment is useful for this time of situations

17:00 more on Bryan Gil improvement ?

18:45 on Romero fitness, we are taking a risk with him because sometimes he is feeling tired,

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