November 12, 2022

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00:10 I think this game made many many people very happy. I think if you're in the stadium you've seen a 4-3 score, with attractive football. It's fun, but you know if I have to see the positive aspect for sure my players showed me in this period the character. In a lot of games we were losing and then we came back. I think we showed great character, desire and great will not to give up, to believe in the win. I try every day to transfer this concept. We need to fight and never give up. Never give up is our mantra. This is the positive side.
Negative side, to concede three goals is never good. A team that wants to be competitive, to concede three goals is never positive. If you want to reach a good result you want to show stability. The last period was really tough for everybody, all the clubs, to play 13 games in 43 days was really tough. It was impossible to work on the pitch on the tactical aspect. For sure when you don't work on that you are going to lose something defensively.

2:20 This period was very tough for all the clubs with so many games, we have to stay in top form in the Premier League and really good to finish first in the UCL,

4:00 on players like Bentancur and Kulusevski and getting transfer right
You know very well that i you want to be consisdered title contenders to win a trophy, you need players with great quality. You see the example of Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea and these teams are really strong. For this reason, when I speak with you I tell you that after only one year, don't forget that wwe were playing in the conference league, you need a process. You need time.

6:50 on Kane
I have to be honest, in this period Harry played a really important role. If we finished this period in the top four and qualified for the top four, I think we have to praise Harry a lot because we have had many injuries at the front. Kulusevski only played this game, we lost Richarlison and without Lucas from the start. Sonny you know also, he struggled a bit in the start of the season. I think Harry honestly deserves great praise because he is always an important player but in this period there was a lot of weight on his shoulders and he played in a great way. He's arriving at the World Cup with plenty of enthusiasm, in a great physical condition and he's mentally stronger. I think he's ready and I can see it in his eyes, he's ready to be the protagonist.

9:20 This type of games

11:30 more on Harry Kane, I tried with every single player to be better, we are talking about a world class striker, we can be stronger and his is arriving in a very good mentally, England is one of my candidates to do a great tournament, because Italy is not in the world cup I will support England!

14:00 Second part of the season?

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