April 13, 2024

Eddie Howe reacts to Newcastle's comprehensive victory over Tottenham which keeps their slim chances of qualifying for the Champions League alive.
0:00 Most enjoyable afternoon of the season? Very good in almost ever area.
0:25 Talk us through the thinking behind changing back line? You can plan a game plan but it's irrelevant really. It's down to the players. The players' attitude was outstanding. Training numbers this week were ridiculously small. I'm really pleased for everybody.
1:30 What does this say about the togetherness of the team despite injuries? Positive thing to look at is the players we DO have available. If you focus on what you don't have you're going to be sad very quickly! Contribution of all our attacking players was good. Krafth outstanding performance.
2:28 A really good physical performance from Isak and Gordon
3:30 Great performance from Isak today!
3:45 We've got a long way to go to get to tally of last season We'll give our best to win every game!
4:05 I never think I'm the best one to judge myself, I'll leave that to you. I'm really enjoying the challenges. This season has been challenge after challenge
5:15 Today we saw the emergence of Anderson to the player we know he can be
5:45 We're trying to build a team as quickly as possible so we need to keep our best players (about Isak) Your top players, the elite ones are so difficult to find.
6:20 Where is Isak physically? He's very good, he went away and played two for Sweden. We don't have the luxury to take him off and give him rest. We're trying to manage him in between games so far so good
7:00 Only 21% possession thoughts? Spurs play a certain way and I think they're an excellent team. We needed to be flexible tactically. I'd like to have had more ball!
7:40 Is Anderson closest to Joelinton? They're different players, Anderson brings his unique ball winning duels but he's not a natural like Joelinton is. I think he will be a goal scorer and goal creator. I can't speak highly enough of how he's come back from injury.
8:30 Big relief that Bruno's avoided 10 yellows? He said to me gaffer I won't get booked but I didn't believe him. Amazing thing he's done for the team. He's so IMPORTANT to us!
9:05 How important is backing from the higher powers? It's very important, there will always be difficult periods, it's the support you get then that will be the defining factor.
9:45 Any regrets for what this season could have been?.I don't live with regret. It's always about the future
10:10 Gordon versatility? His performance on the right was incredible. Anthony's ability to play left and right is one of the things that struck us when we signed him
11:10 Did the players show bravery? We always have to show bravery. We ask a lot of the players it's never easy to do!
11:45 How important are Dan and Sean? I can't celebrate those players enough, brilliant gesture and flag at beginning of game
12:10 Getting back to levels of PSG win? International break came a

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