March 11, 2023

00:00 - Intro.
00:07 - Vital to get 3 points. We have only the league now. 11 games to go.
02:09 - Richarlison's response? I was pleased about desire from all the players.

04:07 - Richy started the season really well. He's only scored in the Champions League but was often in the starting 11.
07:42 - Harry Kane, he was a good example, for his commitment and desire, not because he scored.
08:21 - No doubts on penalty. Harry is a world class striker.

09:36 - Difficult for me to talk about singular achievement. Be better to win a trophy as a team. For us to finish in Top 4 is like winning the PL. last season was a miracle, this season it is harder.
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