November 11, 2022

0:00 INTRO
0:07 team news? Sessegnon is out
1:10 will discuss transfers after weekend
2:03 need to evaluate first half of the season - need to be better
2:50 need a break?
3:05 your contract discussions? expires on 30 June and club has to evaluate
3:55 important to see how rest of season goes
4:20 I have to feel I deserve a new contract
5:00 Leeds have a lot off energy and we have lost a lot of energy
6:08 have to bee more compact to avoid conceding again
6:40 important to finish with a win
7:12 goal scoring problems? we missed many strikers
8:25 Harry Kane need a rest?
11:10 sign a new contract? dream is to stay here many years but club needs to match ambition
13:40 confident Levy act on your ambitions?
16:45 how manage loss/death of fitness coach?
19:41 plans for World Cup? Stay in England
21:22 clarify my dream to stay

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