April 14, 2022


00:00 - Intro

00:20 - I’ve attended the training sessions from distance but my staff have done a brilliant job. After Villa I started to feel mild symptoms and came back positive.

02:20 - It’s bad news the Doherty is out. It’s a pity to lose a player like him. It’s bad news but we have a solution to cope with it.

04:05 - I started to speak about our position. My team has been able to stay in the race for the top four and it’s ready to fight until the end.

06:20 - We have to think about ourselves and not worry about the others. Arsenal have a game in hand on us but it’s not just them in this race. Brighton deserved to beat them!

08:45 - Doherty won’t need surgery. The doctor said he can’t recover without it. But it’s important to have different opinions on it. His season is over.

09:40 - The last 10 games in the league are important and we need to show consistency. Brighton won’t be easy.

11:45 - The whole team performed very well, otherwise it would have been very difficult to beat Villa. My front three are all talented players!

13:00 - Momentum is really important. During a season there are always moments, currently we are in an important moment. Every game is a final for us!

15:10 - The Champions League is a competition that everyone wants to play in, for this reason it is important to have this goal. It will change your life if you’re in the Champions League!


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