About 1882

THFC1882 is a Tottenham Hotspur fan site and blog, bringing match previews and reports, in depth analysis and opinion on all things Spurs and some fun articles thrown in for variety. There’s also a forum if you want to get involved that way. THFC1882 has been up and running since 2007. COYS

Current Contributors

Chris Waddams (@chriswadds) – Blog owner, football fan, Spurs supporter. Have loved the beautiful Lilywhites ever since my Nan told me I did when I was 3. Married to a Hammer and living in Essex, having grown up in East London I was (and still am) one of only a few Spurs fans I know.
Alex Waddams (@waddiealex) – love Spurs but that will not stop me throwing out criticism or a controversial opinion or two, agree or disagree then leave a comment and I will always try and respond. Tend not to do match reports unless I have been able to watch the game without distraction. Now live in Hampshire with young family so don’t get to games anywhere near as often as I used to, grew up in East London so have a particular hatred for claret…