Poch Knew

He did. Poch knew the players had gone. Since the Southampton game we have heard how the teams mental state needs to improve and how finishing above the lot down the round is not important.


Well to the finishing position bit anyhow. They were simply trying to soften the blow that they saw coming.

Poch hails from Argentina, a football mad nation where some of the most intense rivalries are based. He knows that when no competitions are won then bragging rights are the next thing. He KNOWS that.

Saying that finishing above your local rivals is not important is the rational argument. It is the business argument. Perhaps for Poch and some of the players, this may be true. What does it matter where you finish if it is not as the winner and are not relegated? It doesn’t. What is the difference between second and third for the club? Money.

But football fans are not rational. Football lives off rivalries between teams. Fans live and breathe for these derbies and rivalries. For the fans it is important no matter how childish or ultimately insignificant it turns out to be. That is what hurts so much at the moment.

Kane is the spokesmen for the team because he is one of our own, we trust what he says. So he was rolled out to tell us to ‘look at the bigger picture’ in that we will be in the Champions League next year.

Too soon, we are still too raw. Champions League qualification was secured a few games ago. One of my criticisms of the modern player is that playing in the Champion League is the be all and end all, for some it even appears more important that actually winning something. More important than winning their domestic league. It should never be more important than your domestic league. I hope, by some divine intervention, that this is not true for our lot.

Finishing above them (and the rest of London) was all that mattered after missing out on the league and, in a season where Spursy was not supposed to apply to us, we did the most Spursy thing possible. Got hammered by an already relegated team that went down to 10 men when only a point was needed. They did the double over us no less. Haven’t conceded more than two or lost by more than a single goal in a league game all season but we manage it against Newcastle. They are a much better team under Benitez but not so good to win 5-1.

I really hope Poch meant it when he says it was his worst day in management.

The close season will be an interesting one, the first XI are pretty solid and is perhaps only really missing a trick in the final third. A player that will beat defenders and make space for himself with skill. Outside of that it is really backups that will be able to come in and perform when needed. Backups for Dembele, Dier and Kane are a must.

It was a good season for Spurs, I don’t think anyone denies that, there is an identity from the club and a connection with the squad that has not been seen or felt for a while. The squad is young and able to improve both playing wise and mentally, the achievement this season is still valid. I think we all agree that Poch and this squad are going forward and upwards.

But those last few games do leave a very, very bitter taste. Best way to resolve that will be to put the wrongs right from day one next season, roll on to the final season at the Lane…