Oh my god we just finished 3rd! Sack the manager!

First of all I want to say I haven’t posted on here for the majority of the season as I was stupidly busy before Christmas and didn’t have the time. And when I did think about posting we were doing so well I didn’t want to jinx it. I’m a superstitious fool really…

Now I’m putting this post out there to try and put our achievement this season into perspective:
We finish 3rd. Not 4th like what we all probably would have said our realistic target would have been back in August. 3rd: Our best finish in the Premier League. Yes AVB got more points and finished 5th, so what? We finished 3rd this season on our merit and ability. Seeing as no pundit gave us a chance of top 4 at the beginning of the season it’s pretty impressive. And we would have been the “fairy tale story” of the season if it hadn’t been for the brilliant performance from Leicester.

Arsenal finishing above us has seemingly taken the gloss off the season for the majority of Spurs fans. If you’d said to me at the beginning of the season that we’d finish 3rd but behind Arsenal in 2nd only a point ahead of us I’d have bitten your hand off for it! Too many of us Spurs fans allow what Arsenal are doing define our season. Yes it would be nice if we were to succeed and they were to fail but hand on heart there is only two times a season that their result truly matters to me and that’s when we’re playing them.

Don’t get me wrong, Spurs’ collapse after the Stoke game has been disheartening and I’m gutted at what could have been but we just achieved our highest finish ever in the Premier League! I’m certainly not going to complain about that! It’s better than the football I grew up watching at Spurs that’s for sure!

Let’s hope that the awful performance yesterday against Newcastle proves to Levy that our squad needs strengthening and Pochettino is allowed to go out and get the players he wants! We have a young squad and if we can keep them together we could be on the cusp of a brilliant time with our beloved Tottenham Hotspur!