We need a striker

I watched the Audi Cup 3rd place game and was a little shocked that Chadli played as our main striker. Now don’t get me wrong Chadli can play in that position IF we need him to, but we shouldn’t have to rely on him to.

What it did tell us is that Adebayor and Soldado are all but gone from the team (for the right deal of course) and Pochettino doesn’t trust any of our young strikers from the developmental squad to be good enough (yet) to play as deputy to Harry Kane. This means we will have to buy a striker or two. I’ve come up with my own list of players I would like to see us at least try to sign. I’ve gone for Premier League experience over reputation as we don’t need to blow another £26m on a striker who should have been brilliant but ended up being a let-down.


Charlie Austin (QPR)

The second highest scoring Englishman last season in the Premier League (behind you know who) should be an obvious choice for us, and surprisingly I’ve only heard us linked with him today! Austin scored 18 goals for QPR last season… 18 goals for the Premier League’s worst team. Just imagine the potential he would have with a better team around him! Another reason why I think we should go for Austin is because both he and Kane would help each other out by taking pressure off the other in both their second seasons in the Premier League. The reported £15m price tag isn’t too bad when you look at what English talent is going for in today’s market.

Saido Berahino (West Brom)

Young, tricky and pacey, Berahino is everything Harry Kane isn’t in his style of play. Both are undeniably talented and would both complement each other. One thing that goes against Berahino is the apparent, media reported attitude problems. But if he’s happy scoring goals I don’t see that being a problem unless he doesn’t want to play second fiddle to the HurriKane.

Javier Hernández (Manchester United)

He wants out, we need a striker. He knows where the goal is and (apart from Kane) our strikers don’t. Match made in heaven? Biggest problem to this is again he would not want to sit on the bench at Spurs playing no2 to Kane. As a professional footballer he’ll get more out of sitting on Manchester United’s bench with them in the Champions League than he would sat on our bench and probably only getting started in the Europa League

Dimitar Berbatov (free agent)

Yes it looks as though he is about to sign for Villa but he could be lured into “coming home”? We’ve seen it happen before (Teddy, Keane, Defoe) so why can’t Berba be added to that list? Give him a one year deal with the option of another if he scores say 15 goals and we’ll have go good number 2 for Kane to mentor…


Like I said I’ve only picked a few options that have Premier League experience. If you can think of anyone like this who I have missed out please leave a comment at let me know!