The New Season is here! YAAY!

So we’ve had our summer break, and the season starts this weekend against Manchester United at Old Trafford. We could have had easier starts but it also could be a lot worse.

This isn’t a match preview post so I’ll get on with my actual point of how I feel we will do this season and what my take on our transfer activity is.

Let’s start with the transfers:

We’ve seen a few players leave and only a handful come in (so far) and it’s got many people on different forums worried that we’re leaving ourselves short changed. As much as we do need to bolster our squad I don’t think the situation is a bad as some think. Out of the players who have left, how many of them were regularly getting into our match day squads last season? The only one that I can think of is Paulinhio. None of the others were getting a look in. Whether that was the right or wrong thing is neither here nor there as it was Pochettino’s decision to not use those players. Yes we’ve seen 3 Central Midfielders leave but it’s not like we’re scraping the barrel for replacements. And we all know how much Levy likes signing CM’s so there’s every possibility that there will be at least one like-for-like replacement before the end of the window.
Both Kaboul and Chiricheș have left but have been replaced by Alderweireld and Wimmer. We’ve also brought in Trippier so our defence is in a better condition that it was last season.
My main worry is that we only have on reliable striker. Kane will need competition and also someone to take some of the pressure off his young shoulders. With Adebayor almost out the door (although I did just read that the Villa deal is off…) and Soldado not looking much more secure in his place at Spurs, we will need to see a striker brought in before the end of the window. We all remember how much fun it was last time we had only one recognised/trusted striker in the first team…

How I think we will do this season:

We’re in the process of streamlining the team, cutting off the fat so to say but it’s not taking away from the quality that was already there. I don’t see any reason as to why we won’t be challenging for the top 4 again this year. Pochettino is getting rid of the dead wood and making a fresh bright team who want to push on. We’ve got some brilliant young talent just waiting to be let loose and IF it goes well for them we could be in for a very good season.
With bringing in 3 defenders it shows that Pochettino knows where our biggest weakness was last year and he’s going about to rectify it. If the Alderweireld Vertonghen partnership works we could be looking at one of the best in the league. Coupled with Walker now having some real competition at Right Back in Tripper and Yeddlin and Rose being kept on his toes by Davies, we could have a Spurs back 4 that is actually quite reliable (I can’t remember the last time I could say that without my tongue firmly in my cheek…)
My first team line up (with a fully fit squad) would be this:

15-16 lineup

To round up I think our best possible achievement this season would obviously be to qualify for the Champions League. But I’ve got a feeling it’ll be another case of “so near yet so far” for Champions League football. I am hoping that we will win a domestic cup (the F.A Cup if I’m being picky) and finish 5th (or higher…)
Let’s get behind the team regardless and let them know they are playing for the mighty Spurs!