Tottenham Hotspur season Review 2014/15

So the season is up, the final whistle has been blown, the last ball has been kicked. But how did our beloved Lilywhites do? Well here is my review of the season:

Highlight of the Season

Beating the champions elect 5-3. This just pipped beating Arsenal at the Lane for me because we’ve beaten Arsenal on a semi regular basis the last few years, where as beating Chelsea hasn’t come as regularly as we’d have liked. But beating them by 5 goals to 3? That never bloody happens!

Low point of the season

There was a few “meh” moments this season but the most disappointing for me was the 3-0 loss to Stoke a few weeks back (although their thumping of Liverpool made our result seem better than it was). A team that is apparently pushing for Champions League football should be doing better against Stoke. That’s no disrespect to Stoke, who have come on leaps and bounds under Mark Hughes. But IF we are to be where we want to be we should be doing better in these games.

Player of the Season

There’s only one choice here isn’t there? Not really. I AM going to give it to Harry Kane but a massive honourable mention goes to Danny Rose, who has been outstanding this season!
So it does go to Harry Kane. 31 goals in all competitions with 21 in the league, It’s nuts to think his first start in the league didn’t come until November. I’m looking forward to seeing him play from the off next year, but I’m not expecting him to hit the ground running as he’s playing in the summers u21 championships and will probably be a bit tired already.

Disappointment of the Season

Bloody hell I’m making this hard for myself. Soldado? Capoue? Kaboul? Paulinho? Adebayor? I’m sure I’ve missed a few but you get the picture. My disappointment of the season is Roberto Soldado. How someone who was only out scored by Messi and Ronaldo in La Liga has gone to a goal shy goalscorer is beyond me. Don’t get me wrong Soldado does try and you can make an argument for him being unlucky as well, but overall he has been a massive disappointment. The biggest thing we have to thank him for is the fact that IF he was scoring goals Harry Kane wouldn’t have been given his chance.

How did the manager do?

Pochettino has done a good job in his first season. We got to a cup final and played some good football once he had worked out which players fitted into his plan and which didn’t. Our form dipped towards the end of the season, but whether that was down to Pochettino’s tactics or the fact our players where shattered due to him not trusting half of our squad will only be proved one way of another once he is given a full season with a squad that he is 100% happy with.

A quick round up

5th place and a cup final. We never seemed to get out of 3rd gear in the league but we had some massive results to savour (5-3 vs Chelsea and 2-1 against Arsenal spring to mind). The cup final was a nice peak but to fall at the final hurdle was heartbreaking. It was a season of “what if” but ultimately a season of standing still. There’s plenty to keep us looking forward rather than back (young homegrown talent flooding the first team is brilliant in my books). Hopefully Pochettino gets the backing he needs in the transfer market to get the players he wants rather than cheap knockoffs, and maybe we might be onto something exciting in the next few years.