Time to Sack the Manager?

In a word: No.

When Pochettino was appointed in the summer there was the silly jokes and comments from the Media and fans alike saying “How long will this one last?” but it’s time that Levy actually stands up to his side of the bargain and backs a young talented manager. Getting rid of Pochettino will only take up back two steps from where we want to be, not anywhere closer to it.
We all know Levy has a trigger finger when it comes to losing his patience with his managers (if he was to get rid of Pochettino now that will be our 3rd manager shown the door in 12 months – who are we? Fulham?) But now is the time to put his faith in his appointment and give him the time to succeed.

Levy can’t expect the manager to make the tough targets that he sets out for them if he is not willing to back them and put the extra money out there for them to get the players they wanted. The last time he pushed the boat out we signed a string of players that included Modric, Bale, Van Der Vaart, Berbatov just to name a few. And apart from Van Der Vaart and Berbatov who both hit the floor running, the others didn’t find their best form until one and maybe even two managers later because Levy hadn’t given his man any time to create a team.
I believe that if Levy was the Chairman of Liverpool he would have got rid of Brendan Rogers after his first season, when they finished 7th, only one place higher than the previous season and without any silverware (they won the League Cup the season before). But then look how close he got to creating history last season with them? Rogers was given the chance and (putting a completely neutral hat on here) was so unlucky not to win the League. Sticking with Liverpool, it’ll be interesting to see whether Rogers is given the time to “rebuild” after losing a player of Suarez’ talent (unlike AVB when Bale was sold).

Yes we are 11th after the weekend’s results and yes the last two seasons at the same point we were 4th. What we seem to forget is that Pochettino took over a team who seem very low on confidence and he was going to have to rebuild a lot of the confidence in each player, not just in one or two. He’s also not been given the targets he wanted. For example he wanted Morgan Schneiderlin but got Benjamin Stambouli (who is a very good player, but not the player the manager wanted).
Pochettino has to be given time, we are still playing some good football with what I see as possibly our worse squad in 8/9 years. We have players who are not living up to their potential, and others who are just not good enough. This was never going to be fixed in one transfer window. Give the manager time and maybe the patience will be rewarded with more than a League Cup win once a decade or a brief flirtation with the top 4.

Rome wasn’t built in a day…

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